Dental Compliance

Dental ComplainceAre you a Dentist? Are you worried about the Dental Compliance program?  you should be worried about it.  Generally, many people think that dentists are weak in HIPAA Compliance. You are fortunate enough if you have collaboration with an IT Support company that is familiar with the HIPAA Act and assists you to carry out the procedures and protocols. Cytek is an expert in dealing with all these compliance, especially Dental Compliance. Our professionals will help you to reside in peace of mind by avoiding Dental Cyber Security threats.

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We are providing

  • Email Encryption for secure transfer of medical records
  • Electronic Device Management and Security
  • Encryption for Data
  • Secure Backup Options
  • Setting Password Policies

Breaking your trust with patience is the worst thing while we are running a clinic. We never give you a chance to send an apology letter to your client because of a data loss. We are responsible to keep your practice reputation. We are providing you with customized technology solutions to lessen the complexity and efficiently helping in an easy workflow. A complete risk analysis helps you to reduce the data breach.

In case you’re progressing your dental practice and don’t have a devoted Dental IT group to help, call us. At Cytek, we can assist you in introducing your new equipment and programming to get you fully operational. Furthermore, on the grounds that we’re brand rationalists, we won’t attempt to control you towards an answer that is not directly for you. You can loosen up knowing you just need to make one call to update the innovation in your dental practice