Dental Cyber Security
Many Dentists are not aware of the importance of Dental Cyber Security. Most of them think that cybercriminals never attack their small organization. It’s not true, A reliable Cyber Security partner can help you in that. Let’s Check out how Cytek can help in Dental Cyber Security.

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How Cytek IT Services Help Your Dental Practice?

Running a modern dental practice is quite difficult as compared with a decade ago. Nowadays, data breaches happen for many reasons. Data breach becomes very common to the healthcare industry, especially with the Dentist. A decade ago there were not these kinds of threats for health care. As we all know, digitizing all the patients’ records have their advantages. Many dentists think that they won’t worry about protecting patient’s records until they do not save it in the system. When it comes to Health and Human Services they considering all of them equally so everyone should follow the rules to protect their records.

Cytek helps to improve your Dental Practice through HIPAA Compliance.

Recovery and Data Backup -Dental Cyber Security

 Suppose if you lost your patient’s record accidentally or deliberately. Cytek helps you to recover it easily. Having a good data backup is essential for any business to recover from a cybersecurity threat. It is important that the location of the data backup, how fast the data can be retrieved and stored, the priority of the order. Restoring data is a part of it. Recovery time is important, restoring the data before it badly affecting your business.

Protocols in Dental Cyber Security

We prevent you from becoming a victim of cybercrime with our advanced security tools such as Cytek mail security, penetration test, and more. Our most advanced firewall settings protect you from intruders to trespass your network.

Encrypted emails

Cytek Secure Mail combining the robust, 2 Key methods of asymmetric encryption with user-friendly platforms.

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