Cytek is revolutionizing cybersecurity with products and services that proactively prevent, rather than reactively detect the execution of advanced persistent threats and malware. Our technology is deployed on over four million endpoints and protects hundreds of enterprise clients worldwide including Fortune 100 organizations and government institutions.



Cytek has truly been a God send to my dental practice. Prior to you, not only was I paying for services that were never rendered, while paying for said services I acquired a vicious virus. Your company swept in and literally saved the day! Took care of all of my security issues quickly, effectively, and with great expertise.


Cytek’s immediate response to our security threat brought refuge to a very critical devastation for our small Nonprofit Organization. They took this threat on as if it were theirs personally. This personal dedication saved our programs and thousands of dollars in potential losses. Once the threat was dealt with, their professionalism and knowledge in building a new and more secure infrastructure has given us a great peace of mind in the confidence that we are protected from any future security breaches. Cytek and their team are heroes in our world. Thank you Cytek. MV, Founder & Executive Director


Our experience with Cytek has been fantastic. As a large surgical group it felt like we were fighting a losing battle trying to stay ahead of all of the rules and regulations imposed. The best part about working with Cytek is their ability to explain things in a way that our staff understood and appreciated. I can’t thank them enough for the peace of mind they have provided us.