The COVID19 made a large impact on everyone’s lives. COVID decelerates the speed of rapidly living society. As we all know, the new coronavirus affects all the walks of life in every sense. Dentistry is not an exceptional one.  The whole world recognizes the unpredicted and unusual circumstances due to this pandemic. Health workers and professionals are greatly concerned about this. Here we are discussing the aftermath of Dental Practices Post COVID19.

Dental professionals have a humongous role in preventing the spreading of Coronavirus. While all normal dental office has been suspended in nations encountering COVID-19 sickness during the time of the pandemic, the requirement for sorted out dire consideration conveyed by groups furnished with proper individual defensive gear takes need. Dental experts can likewise add to clinical consideration. Major and fast rearrangement of both clinical and bolster administrations isn’t clear. Dental experts felt an ethical obligation to lessen routine consideration because of a paranoid fear of spreading COVID-19 among their patients.

Dental Offices are facing many kinds of hazards because of the exposure of this COVID pandemic. Nobody expected a situation like this. No dental school management or management training program.

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Patient Management is one of the major problems that they are facing today. As we all know that because of this pandemic the patient management is in different styles. The usage of social media and telecommunications are certain kinds of techniques using today. We‘re using all kinds of possible methods for that such as messages, mail, social media, dental office websites, etc.

Another paramount fact that they need to deal with the staff’s salary payment. Many of the staff are struggling with this one of the ways to overcome it with the help of unemployment insurance. Even though, the unemployment insurance is there which is not adequate support for the unexpected economic challenges caused due to COVID19. As from the information from the US Department of labor, the government creates a new Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program (FPUC ). As per the website information, the government is providing 600$ per week to individuals.

In general, we can conclude that the complete evacuation of the virus is possible only after the finding of medicine for it. Apparently which will be with us in many forms. The lifestyle of people may change such as less travel, the higher rate of online purchasing, and the increasing number of work from home culture, etc. As human nature, we easily adapt to all the changes happening. We know that the future is uncertain even though we all are accepting the above-mentioned kind of changes in the profession and in lifestyle.  As we mentioned earlier internet activities are very high so there is a chance for cyber threats.  As because of that Dental Cyber Security is very important. We need to take care of it.