Cyber-attack is a major concern in the healthcare sector nowadays. Dental Practices should not neglect Dental office cybersecurity thinking that they will not be the targets. Small dental practices containing patient’s data are targeted more often.

With the rapid growth of technology in the health care sector, dental practices are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The growing volume of cyber-attacks suggests that dental practices must be vigilant towards these cyber-attacks. A data breach or cyber-attack results in significant financial loss and can affect the reputation of your dental practice. You may think that hackers never target small dental practices. Hackers think that small dental practices don’t have a cybersecurity system to support their practice. Dental practices hold a huge amount of data, which attracts hackers to attack dental practices. Your practice must give importance to dental office cyber security.

Your dental practice must focus on preventing a cyber-attack. Although no system is fully secure, you can take some precautions to avoid cyber-attacks. This can help you to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.

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Some Dental Office Cybersecurity Practices Are:


Ensure your practice is HIPAA compliant

To ensure dental office cyber security your dental practice must strictly adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA acts mandate the dental practice to maintain the privacy of patient’s health information and to take security measure against cyber-attack. This act helps to ensure your dental office cyber security. The penalty imposed on dental practice for violating HIPAA is huge.

Protect your system

It is also important to protect your systems to avoid cyber-attacks. The majority of data breaches occur when the employee doesn’t follow the security rules. Protect your systems with strong passwords. Proper training should be given to the employees on the importance of maintaining the privacy of patients’ records and other information. Your dental practice should have a policy of safeguarding patient information and should educate the staff to strictly follow them. Install Antivirus on every system and should be updated.

Encrypt data

Encrypt your data to make sure that a hacker will not have access to the data. Proper cybersecurity training should be given to the employees. Follow smart security behavior in your dental practice.

Do not click suspicious links

Another major dental office cyber security threat is a phishing attack. Dental practices are vulnerable to phishing attacks as they trick the employees through email. You may think that your email is safe and that is what the hackers want you to think. Hackers attempt to trick them to reveal personal information through social engineering tactics. Never click any suspicious link. Think twice before you click.

Hackers are smarter than you think. It is very critical to protect your dental practice against cyber-attacks. Cytek provides affordable dental office cyber security solutions to protect your dental practice. We offer offers best practices for prevention, patch management, network architecture, vulnerability, and assessment of both internal hosts and external services. Feel free to contact us for more details.