Is that your organization is subject to the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Cytek Dental Compliance specialists recommend you to check out the HIPAA Compliance checklist to ensure that your organization is following the norms of privacy and security related to it. If you fail to comply with the corresponding regulations, It may cause a high-level penalty. HIPAA Compliance ignorance is not a justifiable offense as per the notifications issued by the Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services (OCR).

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What are Includes in the Dental Compliance Checklist ?

  1. HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules
  2. The HIPAA Breach Notification Rule
  3. HIPAA Omnibus Rule
  4. The HIPAA Enforcement Rule

If you are a person who is unaware of the Dental Compliance rules you can visit our Dental Compliance page and check out how Cytek can help you in it. Many of the Dental Offices are not aware of Dental Compliance. Many of our clients ask the question Why Dental Practice Needs A Dental Compliance Program? Before we go to the Checklist we can find out what is dental compliance. The majority of people do not have as much knowledge about Dental Compliance. First, we can find out what is Dental Compliance? It is the common term used especially for the HIPAA Compliance programs dedicatedly doing for the Dental Offices.

As mentioned above one another frequently asked question is what the requirements of HIPAA Compliance or Dental Compliance are?. This is quite difficult to answer the question. The one thing that we can confirm is that it applies to the covered entities, Business Organisation who create, process, and store PHI(Personal Health Care Information ).


HIPAA Security Rule


The HIPAA Security Rule contains the measures that must be applied to defend and ensure electronically created, processed, and stored(ePHI). The standard applies to anyone or any framework that has access to PHI data. For this situation “get to” is deciphered as having the methods important to peruse, compose, change, or convey ePHI, or any close to home identifiers that could uncover the character of a person.

Safe Guards

Technical safeguards are required to protect the ePHI and access to the data. It is irrespective of whether the data is in rest mode or at the transmission mode and it should be in encrypted mode. Technical support is needed to protect the data especially when it is an electronic form.

Physical Guard

Physical Safeguard is as much important as a technical safeguard. If the data is in hardware or in the cloud which is irrespective of the location where it is. Physical Security is crucial to avoid the unauthorized access of the workplaces and electronic devices.

Safeguards on Administration Section

The Administrative Safeguards are the strategies and systems which bring the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule together. They are the vital components of a HIPAA compliance checklist and necessitate that a Security Officer and a Privacy Officer be doled out to set up the measures to ensure ePHI, while they additionally oversee the directness of the workforce

HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA Breach Notification rules are the other checklist points.
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HIPAA Omnibus Rule

To overcome the points that are omitted in the former update of HIPAA. By this amendment it redefined the definitions, the procedures and policies became more clarified. It also covers the Dental Compliance checklist of Business Associates and sub-contractors. Do you know who are business associates, they are the persons or organizations that create, receive, maintain, and send the PHI.

HIPAA Enforcement Rule

HIPAA Enforcement Rule deals with further investigations regarding the data breach. The covered entities are responsible for the penalties who can avoid the PHI breach. Fines are imposed depending on the category belonging to the violation and also the number of records exposed.