Is your organization done Risk analysis? Have you ever thought about risk analysis and management? Do you have a risk analysis and management plan in your institution? Nowadays all the data collection, transmission, and storage are through electronic media. All the ePHI created, stored, transmitted by an institution is subjected to HIPAA security rules. Most people may be unaware of the HIPAA rule. What are the HIPAA rules? HIPAA rules set several standards to protect electronic personal health information. HIPAA security rule is important in that.

What is included in the Security Rule? 


  1. Who can access the ePHI (Electronic Personal Health Information)
  2. Only who can have access to the information
  3. Security rule mainly covers the creation, storage, and transmission of electronic information.
  4. It does not cover the creation, storage, or transmission of information on paper.


One of the principal motivations behind the HIPAA Security Rule is to ensure that an organization is taking suitable measures to limit the danger of a penetrate of ePHI by applying the fitting authoritative, physical, and specialized protections set out by HHS/OCR. Organizations must keep up the classification, trustworthiness, and security of ePHI by applying the proper security shields that are gone ahead inside the Security Rule. How would we achieve this? An association must play out a Risk Analysis (Risk Assessment) and actualize safety efforts through Risk Management (Work Plan) to remediate the security inadequacies that were distinguished. Present-day Practice Solutions alludes to this as a Risk Assessment and a Risk Assessment Work Plan.


What is Dental Compliance and Risk Assessment?


Risk Assessment helps you to decide the risks, their probability of occurring and potential outcomes, and the resistances for such occasions. Playing out a danger appraisal includes cycles and innovations that help to recognize, assess, and report on any risk-related concerns. The important factor of the risk management cycle is the risk assessment and is fundamentally centered around the distinguishing proof and processing periods of the risk management. After tracing out the risk factors we need to determine the probability of the occurrence of the risk and the calculation of the impacting level of risks. Check out some questions which you can consider on risk analysis.


  1. The way of the flow of ePHI in the organization
  2. Who can access the data internally or externally as per the security rule?
  3. What is your data backup plan? Includes the servers and software programs. Who has access to those systems and how much secure are these systems?


Top Security Threat Faced by Dentistry 


  1. Email Phishing
  2. Ransomware
  3. Loss or theft of devices
  4. Accidental or Intentional data loss



Is that your risk management strategy is strong enough to handle the risk factors? Or Are you worried about the missing factors on the risk assessment and analysis? Cytek Cyber Security experts are here to help you to attain your expected velocity and to sort out the problems that mitigate them.